BESARTE: Located in the midst of forest among centenary oak, chestnut and birch trees on the southern face of the the Sueve mountain range and facing the Picos de Europa National Park, Besarte is a space where nature in its purest state, everyday life and art blend creating a participative culture meeting place open to creative projects and wellbeing proposals.

A project born by the passion to art and nature of us and the unconditional help of a few collaborators.

If you would like to know Asturias, nature, yoga, creativity, sculpture, photography, music, literature… savour a fine meal and conversation among friends. If you want to share, learn, relax and breathe… or if you would like to propose a project you understand accords with Besarte, welcome to el Bosque Escondido.


Ruth Castillo
Ruth CastilloOcean diver and forest coordinator
As long as I can remember I have always been especially attracted to nature, to observing and experiencing the elements. Maybe because I was raised in a city on the ocean. My passion for the outdoors awoke lively curiousity in me for other landscapes, different places, other languages and cultures, other people and made me dream adventures and situations until one day I awoke in a dream that had become a reality. When you live on a sailboat for 20 years you learn how nature´s tremendous forces can be channelled and at the same time just how insignificant we really are in front of them.

For years now I live between the ocean´s surface in a sailboat, diving in tropical waters, and the terra firme of this old wise forest, like a green sea with no fences or locks we are fascinated to live in, observing its cycles, deeply breathing its essence, contemplating its colors, respecting its animals, feeling its calm or its agitation in the wind, replanting its clearings, cultivating its earth.

Somewhere I read… within the logic of the forest is the solution!,

Carmen Castillo
Carmen CastilloSculptress
I arrived at this special location 25 years ago with the boundless dream to build my home, studio and workshop in the middle of these woodlands so as to live with harmony with nature while being able to give free rein to all the artistic ideas that were sprouting in my mind. Starting from zero, we cleared a road to arrive here and integrated our building with the forms and clearings of the forest. We learned how to cultivate the land and little by little acquired the adjoining acreage so as to preserve the vegetation that surrounds us.

Art impassions me, I am addicted to my work. Up until recently all the cultural activity of this place was and had to do with sculpture. Much of the work has made its way out of doors and over time with the contribution of others has converted the grounds into a singular open-air museum, always open to new proposals. Everything has its own timing.

Jean-Christophe Carreres
Jean-Christophe CarreresWriter and forest guardian
I was born and lived in various countries in Africa… the jungle, its animals, the passion for photography of my father and my mother´s passion for literature were my environment up until I was 20. They gave me solid bases of interest for culture with the ability to adapt to the wild, in natural spaces, the two characteristics which have marked my existence up to now. After spending a brief stay in France I left Europe with a thirst for adventure and apprenticeship. After a time travelling the American continent I ended up casting anchor in the French Antilles, fascinated as much by the innocent tropical calm as by the hurricane fury. I live on a sailboat.

For the last 20 years I share this life on the ocean with this life in the forest, very different scenarios but both embodying the same simple essence, so natural and so necessary. I love Asturias and the people here, living surrounded by books, sculptures and the oaks, with thousands of things to do and hundreds of things to write and so much to share.

Nature has always given me everything.

Rafa Victorero
Rafa VictoreroMusician