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Asturias is one of the most beautiful regions in all of Spain where everything – the coast, the rivers, the mountains, the towns, the people – irradiates a natural strength. BESARTE offers vacations protagonized by wellbeing and nature in the silence of the authoctonous forest of Cereceda in the Sierra del Sueve right before the Picos of Europa and 15 kilometers from the Cantabrian seashore.

Moments to relax and find yourself in the hidden forest. Courses and weekend workshops or weekly focused on personal development, in the silence of the forest and with a healthy diet. An ideal space for training sessions on alternative therapies, emotional management, natural medicine, essential oils, handmade soaps, Tai Chi, chi kung, meditation, brainwave, reiki… Experiences between nature and art.

Thematic roundtables in the hidden forest to test new flavors and enjoy different dishes. Tasty and lively session of Japanese, Moroccan, Creole cuisine

Share experiences with people from other countries and let yourself be take care  by a team of friends working with enthusiasm!

With your partitipation you help us to protect the forest.

A responsable vacation!!

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