Our first weekly yoga retreat is about to start.

Six days in the peak spring ahead where we share, we care and explore.

Our guys are coming to the meeting points. A few become direct drive, others at the airport and others by train to Oviedo. Come of as close as of Gijón or so extremely far as of the far East, to be exact, of Abu Dhabi!

They don’t know each other and they don’t even speak the same language but all come with the general desire to have a good time, leaving behind their daily lives and  to be take care of by the forest and its inhabitants.

Day after day yoga classes openning the first morning hours. Intensive care of Nita, our Ashtanga instructor, towards all of us.

Walks, Hikes in Picos de Europa, talks, laughter, mandalas, float on the paddle surf and take care of the baby cat, they fill many of the hours.

And as it is typical of the spring as soon it makes good as bad, cold or heat and we are improvising breakfasts, lunches and dinners, refugees between walls or  outdoors in pleasant weather. Healthy food made with care.

And so quietly the week are passing by , with action and breaks, a bit of acroyoga and a lot of get what you want, but with the vital condition that does not forget about breathing and try to soak up everything  good from the forest…!