Cargando Eventos
We are on the crest of January, perhaps a difficult month in some aspects, getting through the hibernation period and shaking off the Christmas indulgence! However, without a shadow of a doubt it’s the ideal time to begin the new year by taking good care of ourselves, our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, gently, to emerge into this new chapter of the brand new year.
BESARTE is excited to be offering you another event, where the stillness and clean forest air cleanses your soul, the trees form a part of the scenery and your Hatha yoga session takes care of you both inside and out, all nestled within our forest house awaits you.
We will enjoy a Hatha yoga practice, to stretch, refresh and strengthen the body and soul, allowing the breath to lead the way with the aroma of the oak and the gentle soul of the birds singing.  A balanced diet will consist of a fresh healthy Greek theme that we hope you will enjoy thanks to our guest yoga teacher Katerina Tsiplacis. (RYT 200.)

A plan for all those who practice yoga or not or those that simply like the nature; art; walk among Oaksenjoy a good meal; meet like-minded people; engage in multiple conversations or even speak other languages…

25€ for companions.


  • 11:30 – Meeting point: Villamayor. Piloña (village between Infiesto and Sevares)
  • 12:00 – Welcome with a natural juice, coffee or tea.
  • 12:30 – Yoga
  • 14:30 – Greek meal  and after a walk through the forest and a visit to the CCB’s sculture studio.
  • 16:30 – Yin Yoga
  • 17:30 – Tea and end of the retreat.


Places are limitedEssential book.

We wait for you!