Living the transformation of the forest will not cease to fascinate me year after year.

The silence of the trees in their awakening, the smell and colour of the flowers, the bird’s conversations.

Once again we have shared these moments of explosion of life with a group of people eager to breathe deeply this repairing air of  the forest.

Daily Yoga Guided by Nacho Kaleta, who little by little makes us more aware of our body and our coordination between movement, inhalation and exhalation.

A big forest bath, a simple walk slowly, to smell, to observe, to reduce the hormone of the stress and that it enhances our immune system.

Very pleasant food with mix with a wide range of laughs…

Simplicity and nature above all.

Because in the logic of the forest is the solution

We’ll be back on the branches soon.

If you want to try these forest tranquility, come!