The loneliness in which the forest has been immersed in this «Indian Summer» has completely captivated me, not to say abducted, making me consciously lose the notion of autumn time.

The summer temperatures, the great silence, the absence of rain, the changing colors, made my mind drifting from tree to tree, absorbed in the colors of the sky, the movement of the cups, picking up tons of peppers, eating figs, watering  Kiwis, observing crows and squirrels gathering walnuts, woodpeckers, and saving hedgehogs tired of swimming in confined waters when they fall into the pool.

And the days have continued to pass fast, crisp, with a surprising light that have left us sunsets of incredible horizons and moon nights and stars to not sleep.

I have to confess that it has cost me to put aside my natural absorption to stand in front of the screen and try to summarize with few words and several images, what has been this summer here hidden in this timeless enclave.

Today’s rain has made me take advantage of these indoor moments to get to it!

From July to September in the forest we have lived 5 intense weeks accompanied by several groups of people as avid as us of naturalness and good habits.

The retreats have been guided by the already unconditional team of the forest, formed of different yoga professors, we inhabitants and several collaborators. All with great dedication we have given from the first moment and to the last, in our different roles, but with the general constant of good mood.

Nature as always protagonist, has made possible unforgettable encounters, endearing moments, various adventures, exceeded limits, tiredness of great value, daily learning, each one of us, in every gesture and every step.

We have gathered at the same table and deployed mat on the same stage, teenagers, adults, mature, future moms, couples, lone travelers, national, foreigners, urban, less urban, islanders.

We have lived, cared for, shared, enjoying simple pleasures and great moments.

We have practiced yoga sessions in the solitude so inspiring of the silent forest, surrounded by art integrated among the trees; We have climbed slopes and deep breathed the air astur between sea and mountain; We have contemplated the Llanisca coast; furrowed estuary and sea, testing our equilibrium; We have descended rivers between laughter and rapids that have made us derive in our own minds;

We have shared different dishes, taken to the orchard and made paellas, we take a toast with water, wine, beer and cider. We have eaten vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or with it, with dairy or dairy-free, adapting all to the needs of the participants of each moment; We have been able to take advantage of Dolce far niente moments in the pool, the shade of the oak, the rainy moments, the overtables with active conversations; We have offered us massages that take care of body and soul.

We have let ourselves be carried away in guided meditations in the dusks between ferns and chestnuts; We have let ourselves adjust in our asanas, concentrating on the breath, carrying the body beyond what we would have imagined; We have been immersed in repairing forest baths that inexorably decreases stress and oxygenates the mind.

We have ridden on horseback;  Visited charming villages, contemplated Picos de Europa from different corners of the Sierra del Sueve; We have greeted the sun, the moon, cows, hens, bulls and donkeys witnesses of our carefree walks without haste and with pauses; We have been carried away by the music and the dance of the fire under the Milky Way looking for stars and galaxies.

We have been fond of each other and have wept in goodbyes but I think we have all been able to take advantage of what the forest offers us, I mean, a renewed air without conflict that makes us come and go in nature with a strange sense of freedom.

Year after year we are more and more happy and satisfied to have opened the doors of this space to people who know how to get the party that deserves both human and natural and among all collaborate to preserve all the good that is here.

In the logic of the forest and in the logic of the sea is the solution; We need to take care of them!!!