JULY 10th to 17th
I get up to the dawn. The sky that begins to open does not have a blue backgroundcolor. Rather a homogeneous grey greets us. A respigo me through the body. I’m barefoot and have cold. Look at the porch thermometer and I am surprised to see 10 degrees!
We are on July 10th ; Yesterday the heat and bright sunshine were the protagonists. Today looks a winter day. Because so many years that no step the beginning of summer in Asturias, I came to the conclusion of that these radical change must be normal.

A bit of fresh also feel well!

The group landed in the forest. Come from London, Balearic Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, Elche, Pais Vasco and even from Africa and Australia. Interesting people, with much to tell. The languages are mixed and I love. By the corner occasionally surprise a conversation in Basque or catalan, in English, and in between Castilian mixed with all it others…no barrier, but all it contrary, a nice cultural mixed!
They are all different and all ages but all come here with the same intention of breathing, take care of yourself, improve and laugh. Some are vegans, others vegetarian and  others  like the ham but all flows, the flexibility in all the senses floats in the air.
And the days pass between Sun and clouds, yoga, stretching and moments sharedaround a good meal with a little cider, hike to the heart of Picos de Europa, nights cleared with Crescent Moon and many stars before a fire, travelled on a paddleBoard along the Llanes coast and aware walks through the old forest.

The inhabitants of the forest in particular we will never  forget this retreat and this group of people.

Thanks to all those who were here and support this proyect.

Thanks to Vir (Assistant improvised that not could be better) and to the sisters Nita and Rosa that cared of the group in many senses and supported in all it needed,

Living simplicity in good company surrounded by nature!

Sorry for my bad english…hope you understant something!!