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From 14th to 20th July 2018

Asturias is one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. Everything in it releases vitality;  rivers, sea, mountains, villages, people. Combining the strength and beauty of Asturias with the benefits of yoga practice seems a good way to take advantage of the summer, share experiences, care for the body, explore the surroundings, delight and educate your sight. A healthy vacation between art and nature, accompanied by a team of collaborators working with enthusiasm.

Bosque Escondido Arte (Hidden Forest Art), located in Cereceda, a small village on the southern face of the the Sueve mountain range and facing the Picos de Europa National Park, in the heart of a peaceful and private older forest that is our home and at the same time the study and sculpture workshop of the author Carmen Castillo. 

An important fact to have in mind is that with your collaboration in these retreats, you help us to care and protect  this small Atlantic forest.


  • Practice Yoga in the silence of the forest among the oak, chestnut, beech and birch trees.
  • Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Activities at the seaside and in the mountains like hike, paddle surf or horseback riding.
  • Discover routes and places of great charm here in Asturias;
  • Meditation,  mindfulnes, pranayama, yin yoga, acroyoga
  • Walks into the woods
  • Relaxation, conversations by the fireside,
  • Possibility of massage or diferents therapies like reiki, reflexology, Brain wave, cranisacral, shiatsu.

For all levels of yoga practice in groups of up to 12 persons.

We speek english, french and spanish.



14th Saturday

Arrival by car

17:30h_ at Hotel Cuadroveña a only 2km of Arriondas.  Asturias.

(Possibility of entering the room from 15:00h)

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 43.38333 (43 ° 22′ 60. 0″ N)
Length: – 5.203404 (5 ° 12′ 12. 25″ W)

Arrival by airplane

  • Please book your flight to arrive at Asturias Airport (OVD).  We will pick you up from the airport at  15:30h.

Arrival by bus or train

  • Please arrive at Oviedo Bus station. We will pick you up from the bus or train station. at 16:30h.
  • Please arrive at Oviedo Train station. We will pick you up from the bus or train station. at 16:35h.

The pick-up is free at the established times.

Once accommodated in the rooms we will prepare with appropriate clothes for the first yoga practice.

18:00h_  Appointment in the Hotel parking and we‘ll go to the Bosque Escondido Arte  about 10  drive.

18:30h_  Welcome tea and speech to explain the weekly program

19:00h_  First Yoga Session .

21:00h_   Flexi-vegetarian dinner.

22:30h_  Return to the hotel to rest.


Some days:

08:30h_ Pick-up at the hotel.  

08:45h_ Tea or coffe

09:00h_ Yoga class.

10:30hBrunch at Bosque Escondido Arte

12:00h_ Walks in the forest, swimming pool, relax, possibility of massages, free time…

14:30h _ Snack.

16:30h_ Depending on the time, walks through the villages of the surroundings, creative activity (drawing), possibility of massage…

18:30h _ Depending on the time, meditation, pranayama, mindfullness or restorative Yoga, projection, talk…

20:30h _ Dinner

22:30h_ Time to sleep

Other days:

09:00h_ Breakfast at the hotel


  • One day one activity by land  as hiking around Llanes, Piloña or horseback riding by Sevares.
  • Another day one acuatic activity like stand up paddle surf by  or LLanes or kayak Sella River.

14:30h_Picnic. wherever we are!

17:00h_Return to the hotel to shower.

18:30h_Depending of the momentrelaxation, meditation, pranayama, yin yoga…

20:30h_ Dinner

22:30h_ Time to rest

Last day 

08:00h_Pick up at the hotel with suitcases.

08:45h_We will enjoy the last morning Yoga session.

10:30h_ Good Brunch

12:00h_Time to go the airport and stations.


Nacho Kaleta

A dedicated and passionate yoga teacher and practitioner with 10 years of practice and 6 years of teaching experience in a variety of environments. Teaching with the intention to spread the knowledge and the system of yoga as it has been learned and experienced during study and practice around the world. Specialising in teaching the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system. Emphasis is placed on alignment and adjustments of posture to ensure the perfection of posture practice as well as to take students safely beyond their expected limits. Focus also placed on the psychological aspect of yoga, helping students to develop their own nature, discover their potential, and transform their lives though the practice. Teaching with both power and grace to reflect the inherent nature of the ashtanga yoga practice. 


• Knowledge and practice of a wide range of adjustments and modifications with attention to alignment and detail to ensure safety and precision. Teaching with experiential knowledge, formal training, and dynamic energy.

• Holistic knowledge of the yoga system, including postures, pranayama, history, Patanjali’s eight limbed yoga, and meditation.

• Connects to students with patience and empathy to allow for understanding of individual bodies, needs, and capacities.

• Wide range of adjustments for Ashtanga Primary Series and Intermediate Series.

• Teaches to instil confidence and comfort in students, regardless of level of practice, from complete beginner to more advanced.


  • REFLEXOLOGY: Done therapy involving application of  pressure to the feet.
  • REIKI: Japanese thecnique of energetique  transmission for the chakra balance.
  • SHIATSU: Japanese bodywork based in the finger pressure into special áreas of the body in order to maintain physical and mental well-being.
  • CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY: Ostheopathique thecnique using gentle touch to manipulate joints of the cranium.
  • BRAIN WAVE ENTRAINMENT:  Sound therapy to stimulate the brain into entering an specifique state by using a pulsing sound.

All meals are inspired by the mediterranean and oriental cuisine daily fresh cooked. A wide range of flexi-vegetarian or vegan food is offered, elaborated with local ecological products from our neighboring farm Biobrotes and from our own garden. There are also many fruit trees on the farm. The food is healthy and will ensure you have the right energy to do yoga, hiking, and the rest of activities, and energize yourself during your stay.

Meals can be adapted to persons with gluten or lactose intolerance.

All excursions include picnic provided by our kitchens.


A pleasant rural Hotel Cuadroveña 10 minutes drive  from the woods in double occupancy attic rooms with private bath.   (Transport for the hotel to the Forest include)

A single attic or floor room will be possible with extra paid.


  • Comfortable clothes for the yoga.
  • Suitable footwear for walking in nature.
  • Warm clothes and a waterproof jacket.
  • Small Backpack for excursions
  • Bathing suit and towel


From 1090€/person (ALL TAXES INCLUDE)
350€ deposit payable upon reservation, remaining payment to be effected no later than one week before the retreat.


The prices include complete pension, double occupancy hotel attic rooms with full bath, the excursions and all transportation from Asturias airport or train and bus stations in Oviedo.
*Massages not included in the prices.

Check Cancellation Policy

Form of payment:

Bank transfer (to consult account)



0034 678 304217